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Our RealFlight Development team never stops working on new ways to keep RealFlight simulator fresh, exciting, and valuable for improving your skills. Updates let you enjoy their latest innovations without waiting for a new version — and what’s even better is that they’re available free.

That's how RealFlight 6.5 owners got Updates A-H. It's how RealFlight 7 owners got Updates I-M. And now, it's also how RealFlight 7.5 owners can get their first update. Update N is free, available now and easy to enjoy. Just open your software’s Launcher and click Additional Options. Select Registration/Update and click the “Check for updates before starting RealFlight” box. RealFlight will automatically search for new updates and download them for you. It's safe to say that keeping your copy of RealFlight current has never been easier.

We make it easy to keep your copy of RealFlight current.

Please note: Updates A-H below are compatible with RealFlight 6 and RealFlight 6.5. Updates I-M are compatible only with RealFlight 7. If you want to receive Update N and future updates, be sure to upgrade to RealFlight 7.5 now. RealFlight 7.5 is compatible with Windows Vista and later Windows versions.

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RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

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FREE Update N
(April 2015)
Futaba Sky Leaf

Futaba® Sky Leaf

Futaba's first airplane kit!

Futaba is known worldwide for the dependability, performance and quality of their radio control systems. Now, they've put the same care into the 55" span Sky Leaf ? a sleek, 1.4-meter designed to deliver the best in F3A-style aerobatics. In the real word, it's available only in red and blue and in brushless and nitro versions. On RealFlight 7.5, however, you can swap power systems with a few keystrokes and change the trim scheme, wingspan and more as well.

Futaba Sky Leaf
FREE Update M
(April 2014)
Quadcopter Trials

Quadcopter Trials

Fly well, get rewarded.

Piloting a multi-rotor is different from flying a heli — and you can find how different in this new skill challenge. In Quadcopter Trials, the aircraft you fly is a self-leveling, x-configuration quad. Challenge 1 has you fly through a rectangular gate; Challenge 2 has you land on a touchpad. Succeeding challenges combine the two in increasingly difficult combos. There are 10 in all — and if you fly well enough on any of them, you can earn a medal and a reward: a new Quadcopter X!

Quadcopter Trials

Flyzone Calypso

Cruise on air.

Smooth, forgiving flight makes the 73" span Calypso glider a natural choice for first-time glider pilots. Experienced pilots, on the other hand, will be drawn to its very wide range of soaring performance. An electric motor and folding prop make it easy for pilots to launch and climb to altitude — and repeat as often as they want.

FREE Update L
(February 2014)
Shipwreck HD

Shipwreck HD

Once you've seen a shipwreck on a small island, you've seen it all, right? Not on Shipwreck HD. There are fish swimming in the shallow water near the shore…and there's another one broiling on a spit near a rude makeshift shelter. It's obvious that pirates have marooned some unlucky soul on the island, with only a soccer ball for company.

Shipwreck HD
Limbo Challenge III

Limbo III: 10 new ways to see how low you can go.

Making your way through all 10 levels of Limbo III is easy…as long as you have nerves of steel, a keen eye for judging clearances and the piloting skills of an ace. One level is on a carrier deck; another is out in the wild country with mountains in sight and a storm brewing. And be sure to pay extra close attention to your plane's attitude: you may be asked to fly upright under one bar, and go inverted under the next.

Limbo Challenge III
FREE Update K
(January 2014)
Proud Bird ARF

Great Planes Proud Bird ARF

You may never fly an EF1 race, but with this update, you can still enjoy the Proud Bird's sleek sporty looks and its blink-and-it's gone speeds. The R/C version can reach 100 mph (160 kph) with a brushless motor. You can enjoy the same thrills on RealFlight, plus the ability to switch flying sites with a quick point and click.

Proud Bird ARF
Balloon Burst III

Balloon Burst III

Balloon Burst III, with 10 exciting new levels.

The idea's the same, but Update K kicks up the difficulty factor with new situations and challenging aircraft/airfield combos. For instance, how do you burst a cluster of balloons that suddenly separate and scatter? Or go after balloons on an aircraft carrier deck flying a glider, on the hangar deck with a Harrier or inside the Castle site with the SkyShip? No need to wonder; all of these and more are waiting for you in Update K.

Balloon Burst III

Balloon Burst III
FREE Update J
(December 2013)
Flyzone dhc-2 beaver

The land/water classic: Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver

This is your chance to fly the legendary bush taxi. With two versions (with floats and with wheels), you can land on lakes or take off from land. Since it's a Flyzone Select scale model, it has all the features of the real plane, including lights, so you can fly day or night. And since it's also a RealFlight simulation, you can be sure that it will fly just like the real thing, too.

Flyzone Hadron
Ring Race III

Ring Race III

Ring Race III

If you've already mastered the ins and outs of Ring Races I and II, you're ready for Ring Race III. There are more vertical sections to fly, more obstacles to overcome and some exciting new locations to explore. For instance: in five levels, the challenge is to fly up, around (and through) a flying aircraft carrier. Keeping your skills sharp has never been more enjoyable.

Ring Race II: Bonus flying site!

Earning a medal on Ring Race II does more than make you feel good; it unlocks two new flying sites: Sky Carrier and Sky Carrier (night!)

Ring Race III

Sky Carrier

New, 27K polygon capabilities for builders

This is straight from the custom content creators' wishlist. RealFlight 7 now supports aircraft and airport object models with up to 27,000 polygons. The KEMax tool set has also been updated, so you can let your imagination take flight like never before.

FREE Update I
(November 2013)
Flyzone Hadron

Flyzone Hadron

Flyzone Hadron Flying Wing

This is like no other flying wing you've ever seen or flown — and as a RealFlight 7 owner, you can download it today for free. The big vertical fin is an obvious difference, but the biggest difference is the thrust vectoring unit in the tail cone. RealFlight reproduces the way it pivots and more importantly, the huge impact it has on maneuvering. Violent spinning maneuvers and extreme aerobatics are well within its flight envelope. It's definitely not for beginners, but if you're an advanced pilot, you're going to love it. As noted, the download is free — and available now.

Flyzone Hadron

Updates A-H below are included in RF7…RealFlight 6 and 6.5 owners can download them free!

FREE Update H
(January 2013)
Helimax 1SQ Quad

Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter

The 1SQ looks like something you’d see over Roswell, but it’s actually an incredibly popular, quadcopter that offers huge flying fun in a small, palm-sized package. TrueView lighting makes the bright orange really “pop” against the black trim scheme, while RealFlight modeling ensures that you see prop blur from all four rotors. The incredible RealFlight heli physics duplicate the way the unique TAGS (three-axis gyro) stabilizes flight on all three axes, so it hovers and maneuvers just like the actual model.

Helimax 1SQ Quad
FREE Update G
(December 2012)
Gaui X7

Gaui X7

It’s only been a month since RealFlight 6.5 was released, but there’s already something new and improved to talk about: the free download for the Gaui X7. It's unequaled in size and 3D performance, and RealFlight delivers both for adrenaline-fueled, boundary-pushing flying. The download is free and available now.

Gaui X7
FREE Update F
(July 2012)
Giant Top Flite F4U Corsair

The Giant Top Flite F4U Corsair

The '40s fighter in performance and appearance.

The F4U is based on the newest giant-scale ARF from Top Flite, and the looks are authentic from the split flaps and retractable gear to the trademark gull wing. Get up close to the fuselage, and you’ll see panel lines. Look up at the canopy, and you’ll see a pilot ready for takeoff. Like the ARF, it’s set up for 50 cc gas power — more than enough to show you everything the F4U has to offer.

Giant Top Flite F4U Corsair
FREE Update E
(June 2012)
F-109e Messerschmitt

BF109e Messerschmitt

A total of 33,984 BF109s were produced between 1936 and 1945, making it the most produced fighter in history. It was also one of the deadliest: it was the favorite of Germany’s top three aces, who claimed 928 kills among them. It was also considered one of the world’s first modern fighters, with advancements that include retractable landing gear and a closed canopy. RealFlight captures the looks of each feature in rich detail, from the twin 20mm MG cannons in the wings to the working stick and rudder pedals in the cockpit.

F-109e Messerschmitt
FREE Update D
(May 2012)

Enjoy a true change of pace: pilot an airboat!

You can't fly the airboat, but you can send it slaloming through the swamplands or open it all the way to send it zooming across open water. It's got everything you'd expect an airboat to have, and then some: a wide, flat-bottomed hull for agile handling, a powerful airplane engine and prop for breathtaking speeds, air rudders for sudden turns — and a grinnin' gator in bib overalls for a co-pilot.

Bayou Airport

3D Bayou Water Site

Tin-roofed fishing shacks, rickety wooden docks — the 3D Bayou site is so authentic, that you almost smell jambalaya cookin' and hear skeeters in your ear. Go out in the airboat, and you can experience the swampland from a gator's point of view. Go up in a float plane or amphibian and you can see a marshy vista with sights that include endless miles of weedy waterways, moss-covered mangroves and fishin' nets dryin' in the sun.

Bayou Airport

Record engine sounds for RealFlight aircraft.

Over the years, many pilots have used the AccuModel™ aircraft editor to duplicate the appearance and performance of their favorite aircraft and “fly” them on RealFlight. But now, there’s a way to duplicate the sound of their favorites, as well. Just record the sound of your motor or engine at the field, and you can use it make your next RealFlight session the most realistic and memorable one yet.

FREE Update C
(April 2012)
Synergy E6 and E7 Helis

Synergy E6 and E7 Helis

When Matt Botos introduced the flybarless Synergy E7 in 2011, he included the parts to build it as a 600-class E-6. This update includes both machines, plus a bonus: the limited edition green canopy. It's available on both versions, the default choice for the E7 and outrageously good looking on either one. Like the carbon-fiber original, both sims offer everything you need to have complete control of performance options. This is one "two-fer" you won't want to pass up.

Engine Failure

Try this option in "engine out" flying

Knowing what to do when your multi-engine plane loses an engine can spell the difference between a controlled landing and a crash. RealFlight 6 is a great way to get the engine out practice you need. You can now choose which engine will fail, so you can fine-tune your practice.

More real-life objects

Add more real-life details to your airports

Realism is in the details, and RealFlight 6 has added a wealth of new objects you can use to detail and "realize" your flying site. Objects range from glow plug igniters to fuel jugs to transmitters, tables and more. Look for the full list in the FlexiField Flying Site editor.

Customize the appearance of props

This is a tool for the pilot who wants maximum creative control, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Creating a prop with a completely unique visual requires time, knowledge and software – but it can be done with RealFlight 6.

FREE Update B
(March 2012)

Gaui 330X-S Quad Flyer

Quad-rotor aircraft are hot, and the Gaui 330X-S Quad Flyer is one of the hottest. Inspired by UAV design and powered by four Scorpion brushless motors, the Quad Flyer is extremely wind-resistant, with a 3-axis gyro for exceptional stability. It also features a collapsible body design to minimize crash damage. Of course, with RealFlight 6, “repairing” damage is as easy as pressing the reset button.

Customize Navguide

New customizing options for the NavGuide

No two pilots use NavGuide exactly the same way, and that's why RealFlight now offers more ways to make it work just the way you want. You can set up custom alerts, delete info you no longer need and take advantage of a huge number of new data items. Another nice feature is that you can super-size the NavGuide screen. There's no longer any need to squint to read tiny type; just make it larger and you can see it clearly and easily.

Create custom heli blades.

The KEmax tool on RealFlight now allows you to customize your blades, as well. You can change colors, add texture or a unique pattern. And if you're really ambitious, you can also make sure that the blur disk will reflect your design changes after the blades spool up.

FREE Update A
(February 2012)
F-86 Sabre

Great Planes® F-86 Sabre EDF

The North American F-86 Sabrejet was America's first swept-wing jet fighter, introduced in the late 1940s and developed using German aerodynamic data seized at the end of World War II. The resemblance of this 15” span electric ducted fan model to the original is striking, from its sleek silhouette to the authentic markings and fine details molded into the airframe. Brushless power, full-length ducting and a 30 mm HyperFlow fan combine for exciting performance and a true jet experience.

Skycrane Helicopter

Skycrane Helicopter

Throughout the world, flying crane helicopters perform a variety of important roles in civilian and military applications. Typical duties include firefighting, heavy-lift construction, timber harvesting and emergency response. One such aircraft, the American Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, carries payloads of up to 20,000 pounds. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney turboshaft engines, it reaches 126 mph top speeds and flies to 9,000 feet. Similarly, the RealFlight Skycrane can lift objects of varying size, shape and weight — and will challenge your control skills by reacting accurately to each load!

Junkyard Airport

Junkyard Airport 3D Site

If one man's trash is another man's treasure, Jim's Junk junkyard is a virtual gold mine. There's plenty of wide-open airspace for you to explore in this stunning desert landscape, and it's punctuated by towers that might easily serve as pylons. Between the piles of iron beams and other debris, you'll find a large heli pad as well as paved and unpaved airstrips. All RealFlight 6 aircraft are welcome. But let the pieces of planes provide a grim warning: Fly with skill or risk becoming a permanent part of the junkyard!

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

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